Software is the lifeblood of any organization.  The applications which drive business have the potential to both accelerate – and stall – any organization.  Most organizations today employ several, if not dozens of applications for all kinds of line of business needs, and many of these applications are legacy, implemented several generations ago, or the result of an acquisition.

What would happen if the application broke?  What would happen if the application was compromised?  Can the application be repaired, restored, or updated?  Would the application comply with cybersecurity or infrastructure modernization efforts?

SCE Data Security Sciences Software Analytics provides the insight into the state of a company’s application landscape, and can help any organization quantify and qualify risk, as well as help set a priority roadmap for transformation and innovation.

With metrics into both the business and cybersecurity risk of the application, any sized organization will have the knowledge to be prepared for any scenario involving the application, doing what’s needed to ensure minimal impact to the business in the event of a catastrophic or other significant event.