Revolutionizing Identity Management

When it comes to installing and enhancing identity management systems, we’re faced with many challenges, including complex architecture, investments in technology and people, and disruption to legacy systems and operations.

To help with this tedious process, The SCE Group has developed AMP!, an application that makes identity management better, faster, and simpler.

AMP! enables enterprises to quickly and economically deploy a self-service platform, permitting specific system and application access to employees, vendors, and partners, while simultaneously restricting them from gaining access to sensitive or proprietary enterprise level information.


Bullet-Proof Identity Protection

Every enterprise has the goal of a sophisticated identity protection program that poses a bullet-proof challenge to all unauthorized users.

However, due to cost and complexity, organizations are often left with single-step security rather than a state-of-the-art- identity and access management system.

To help alleviate this problem, The SCE Group developed Integration Enablement Kits (IEK).  IEK’s are designed specifically to provide enterprises with the ability to integrate RSA’s Adaptive Authentication with your current identity and access management platforms.  Using this seamless and cost-effective approach allows you to protect resources behind a virtual identity fortress, using both visible and invisible authentication methods.

Based on your organization’s security and profiling preferences, users must first pass through initial authentication, followed by a series of step-up challenges, depending on their risk profiles and enterprise protocols.