Defending your environment from a cyberattack takes significant effort. So much so, that many enterprise organizations employ expansive teams of subject matter experts and a variety of applications to meet and manage this challenge.  For smaller organizations, a lack of resources prevents them from having the luxury of a full cyber defense team. With a known lack of resources, mid-market organizations have become a leading target for cyberattacks.

Through our experience and training in protecting organizations’ critical assets, The SCE Group has developed a model that solves for this challenge. Our Defense-in-Depth Managed Security Service delivers a comprehensive strategy to protect and defend your organization from a cyberattack.

This is accomplished by employing three key protection elements: Network-Protect-Inside, Network-Protect-Outside, and Endpoint-Protect, offering mid-market companies an advanced level of cybersecurity protection, without needing to employ your own cyber-defense team.