Sometimes the integrity of cybersecurity defenses is not enough.  Having the greatest firewalls, state-of-the-art anti-malware, incredible data governance controls, and a gorgeous self-service credential system may be awesome, but when users represent the greatest surface of vulnerability, it’s all for naught.

SCE’s Data Security Sciences User Awareness Program is designed to educate the majority of the enterprise users – the non-technical masses – in key concepts and tactics designed to ensure the users don’t do things that can compromise the organization.

Too often a breach or other serious cybersecurity incidents are the result of a user inadvertently doing something wrong.  Proper education and tools are crucial to ensuring the user base becomes one of the greatest sources of strength, instead of the weakest link.

Delivered in a light-pressure one-to-many setting, such as a “lunch and learn” or auditorium, the Awareness Seminar is light-hearted, engaging, and full of useful, pertinent information, without any of the tech-speak or complex language traditionally used in these settings.