You have been given all manners of assurance that your cybersecurity defenses are strong, if not impenetrable.  This feel good message resonates throughout the corporate world, yet day after day we learn about another prominent enterprise – private, public, or government – that has been breached.

The issue at hand is best summed up by a single word:  redundancy.  Almost every decision you make, whether as a senior manager or board member, requires multiple levels of assurance to support key claims or promises related to the business.

Every critical decision point, from executive recruitment to the balance sheet undergo multiple levels of assurance.

To be precise, “Is it really what it says it is?”.

At SCE, we think of this as the “Polygraph Test”.  It’s ALWAYS the right time to have a second expert opinion about the reliability of the cybersecurity infrastructure and programs you depend on.

That is why SCE offers a $50,000 valuation of your cybersecurity program and infrastructure to make certain that what you are taking for granted meets the acid test required to assure your shareholders and stakeholders that the enterprise’s critical data, personal information, and financial assets is properly secure and safeguarded.