Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.Plato

The superpower is strong in this one. Anar has x-ray vision. If there is a spot on your screen or food in your teeth, oh yes, he sees it. He once assembled 12 identical computers in one fortnight. With such a highly developed eye for detail, he is a surefire pick for teacher’s pet. However, that is not what Anar fights for. When I figure out what that is, you’ll be the first to know. A wise person once asked Anar, “What are you?” The world may never know.



Separation is an illusion.

In the early days of SCE Bryan was almost the one that got away…but the force is strong in this one too, very strong. Bryan leads majestically with a stick like Roosevelt carried, but his is a whole lot heavier, which is fine, thanks to his super-human strength. The team easily becomes a well-oiled machine in his presence. He is the puzzle piece that makes the other ones happy to form a picture. SCE is the picture. You’re welcome.



You are responsible for the energy you bring to me

This was a most dangerous assignment. Getting in on the inner workings of SCE’s “most dangerous woman” is no easy feat. She will lead you off course with a voracious appetite for sports and wine, and I get the feeling, one day, when they piece together the transcripts, the world will understand. This is a woman who ruled without ruling, won without anyone losing, and never gave up. If you have a question, she knows already, and when you are ready, she always has the answers.



Do one thing every day that scares you.Eleanor Roosevelt

Amanda is a lawyer by trade. She is a powerhouse by SCE standards. The law was not her final destination and her unbending entrepreneurial spirit brought her to the team. We are glad it did. Amanda never lets a redline live and always keeps SCE and all of our allies on the right side of the law. She loves the high energy SCE constantly maintains, and even spends her free time training horses for the good guys. It is a big job. It was her destiny…



Team work makes the dream work.John C Maxwell

While the rest of the class was still learning how to raise their hand Ruperto, affectionately known around SCE as “Jr.” had already learned how to balance a checkbook and learning tax law. Jr. doesn’t work with numbers, Jr. let’s numbers work with him. By far, the most revered man at SCE, he is also the most feared. But luckily at SCE, fear is just a four-letter word.



Certainty of death. Small chance of success. What are we waiting for?from “Lord of The Rings

After finally tracking down Jose, who was training a tribe of elephants in self-defense, and after some awkward introductions we quickly discovered that this was just another day in the life of our CTO. Whispers about his technology explorations are always in the background, but by no way does Jose confirm or deny it. We will have to just keep watching, in wonder, to see what he comes up with next, as the most interesting man in the world, we know he will never disappoint.


Ben Massin

Damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead!

There are many words you could use to describe the phenomenon that is our fearless leader. If we could slow him down to get just one, believe me, we would. But this is impossible. A musician. An intellect. A family man. These ideals are ingrained in every aspect of SCE; the team here and anyone who has met him is touched by his integrity and inevitable success. Convention is not a word to describe our CEO. “NO” has never been in his vocabulary and this is not changing anytime soon. Ben collects innovators and trailblazers the way us normal folk collect baseball cards. Think you know what he has coming next? Think again. At SCE, we love every minute of it.