Ping Identity

SCE Group partners with Ping Identity to offer Single Sign On (SSO). It’s more than a convenience - it’s good for business:

  • SSO reduces the number of logins for users and identities requiring management
  • It allows your business partners and customers to bring their own identity
  • SSO with OAUTH protects APIs and increases security of application-to-application communication
  • With multi-factor authentication, it helps meet policy, compliance and auditory regulations

PingFederate gives you visibility to the entire SSO process and the ability to control finite details of the single sign on process:

  • Full-featured federation server provides identity management, web single sign-on and API security for customers, partners, and employees
  • Users can securely access the applications they require with a single identity using any device
  • Supports all current identity standards, including SAML, WS-Federation, WS-Trust, OAuth and OpenID Connect
  • Future-proofs your business for tomorrow

PingFederate is fully qualified with the Office 365 SSO and Identity program and has support for every Office 365 client and protocol, so you can provide both user convenience and security.