The Science of Identity Security

Every enterprise perceives itself to be a fortress. Secured and protected from cyber criminals and other threats to its privacy by exceptional firewalls standing proudly before moats and electric fences.

Without warning, the "fortress" is compromised, identity protection is breached and along with it the data housed within.

Does it really have to be this way? Is an intrusion inevitable or can your fortress be strengthened?

The SCE Group's Data Security Sciences division develops breakthrough strategies designed to defend clients' identity access points and key information systems from any and all forms of illegal and unethical encroachment. By deploying a dynamic and iterative process of 360-degree checks and balances, we seek to stay ahead of the technology curve, always in pursuit of defenses that are impenetrable -- or at the least that are daunting spider webs for those who may seek to compromise them.

Regardless of the business challenge, our Data Security Scientists create product agnostic strategies and the tactical countermeasures that emanate from them.

At DSS, we are fiercely devoted to the pursuit of the impenetrable fortress. We are a science-based organization, deploying the genius of highly skilled technical people to race ahead of the continuum that pits cyber-criminals against the security interests of the enterprise.

The race, as in all scientific endeavors, never ends. Since we view it all as a science - as a dynamic as opposed to a static process - we are best positioned to win.