What We Do

We Become Our Customers’ Trusted Security Advisor and Ally

SCE Group provides enterprise support services, secure remote access, Identity protection and verification, application and security analytics, and technology training to mid-size and enterprise customers.

We Do What Others Say Cannot Be Done

In the past eight years, SCE has become a trusted security advisor and ally to its customers, specifically in the areas of identity and access.

Our offerings run the gamut from strategic consulting, to solutions integration, all the way through to managed support services. We become your strategic partner, addressing the entire spectrum of your security solution lifecycle.

Every Customer is Different

On the surface challenges may seem identical, but SCE approaches each customer experience with fresh eyes and ears – because reliable security means never taking a single thing for granted.

And this is why SCE developed the Envisioning Session program, which allows us to properly architect solutions that address your specific business challenges and work within your existing infrastructure. We target root causes to ensure our solution serves your business for years to come.

We Partner With the Best in the Business

At SCE we pride ourselves on working with the top technologies and extracting the best of their features. We look for partners who aren’t content with the status quo of their products. Like us, they look to the future, and lead the charge to getting there first.

Taking the best of each of product in our portfolio, we enhance them by integrating technologies which no one had thought to pair before, such as an innovative secure, remote access method for MS SharePoint with self-service identity management and identity verification, and further securing web-SSO solutions with risk-based, multifactor authentication.

We take your identity management beyond what anyone would have imagined, untangling complexity of integrations, often removing unnecessary and overlapping single-purpose components in the process. Forward-looking solutions, which both solve and anticipate our customer’s business challenges, is what we create at SCE.

Fully supported by our managed support services group, our solutions are deployed with the confidence of a comprehensive support structure, ensuring maximum supportability, sustainability, and, most importantly, adoption.

The bottom line is: your users will do what they are supposed to do, which is USE their applications, and enjoy the process. More on our Managed services here.